The Jeannie Frazier Memorial Fund blossomed from the idea of creating the Jeannie Frazier Community Room at the local CASA offices. The Community Room is a special project to expand CASA by creating a room that will be a much-needed multi-purpose space. The room allows for the CASA staff to host training sessions for volunteers at the South Central CASA of Oklahoma headquarters. The Jeannie Frazier Community Room also opens up new opportunities to develop CASA’s ability to impact children, by creating a room that is also for the children. The large open space of the room allows for endless possibilities for use that will all be for the children.
The vision of the room is inspired by Jeannie Frazier’s loving spirit and ability to make everyone feel at home. Every detail of the room is aimed to incorporate the feeling of being at home. Jeannie Frazier was a loving mother, grandmother, sister, friend, aunt, and a house mother for the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at the University of Oklahoma. Jeannie had a truly unique ability to share her love and warmth with everyone she came into contact with. Her gift to bring people together led to her passion for service.
Jeannie was compelled by the mission of CASA that every child deserves a safe and loving home. Jeannie supported CASA through volunteering work, fundraising and donating annually to their cause. Upon her passing, her sons asked that donations in Jeannie’s memory be made to South Central CASA of Oklahoma. With these funds and the ideas of staff and volunteers, the vision of the Jeannie Frazier Community Room was created.

Today, we have built upon this initial room to incorporate the tremendous community support and to honor the legacy of Jeannie Frazier beyond the original scope. Through your donations to this fund, we will not only continue to improve the Jeannie Frazier Community Room, but we will create a plan for a new building to house South Central CASA of Oklahoma for the next 20 years and beyond. Your direct financial support will be used to create new office and community facilities that will named the Jeannie Frazier Memorial Building in honor of Jeannie's dedication and support to our CASA.



Facts about Jeannie:
Jeannie grew up in Sulphur, OK and attended Sulphur High School and East Central University. Jeannie proudly and lovingly served as the House Mother for The University of Oklahoma's Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for 18 years. She cherished the opportunity to mentor, comfort and guide over a thousand young women students. She was greatly loved by all and built lasting relationships. She was twice awarded the National Theta House Mother of the Year, for her love and dedication as a house mom.

Kappa Alpha Theta has partnered with CASA nationally for the past 25 years starting in 1989. The Alpha Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was able to pair with CASA on a local level since the early years of SCCO (formerly Cleveland County CASA). Jeannie began as house mother for Theta in the 1990s just shortly after the founding of the partnership of Theta and CASA locally. Jeannie played a key role in building the relationship of CASA and Theta not only through her volunteer work and fundraising, but also by her continuous encouragement of the young women of Theta. She was the leader and mentor that helped foster the relationship with CASA and Theta to what it is today.

Jeannie played a different role in everyone’s life, but no matter what that role was she made each person feel loved. Jeannie Frazier’s legacy of kindness is preserved through the works of CASA.

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